Dr Nkem Iroegbu, MD, MBA. MPH

Chief Medical Officer at Aurora Health Care

Dr Nkem Iroegbu, MD, MBA. MPH
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth: MBA
University of Illinois at Chicago: MPH
Chief Medical Officer, Aurora Health Care.
Professor of Clinical Medicine: University of Illinois, College of Medicine.
Former, Chairman of Medicine/Residency Program Director.
Recipient of visionary award from Community Health. The largest volunteer based free clinic in Illinois.

Nkem’s Study Tip
I am a firm believer that each person has to figure out what works for them.
There is no “one size fits all”
Are you visual?
Are you auditory?
Are you a rule- based learner?
Do you do better in teams or does the thought of learning in a team make you very anxious?
I never soared until I found my own learning pattern, but once I did, there was no limits for me.
My first advice is, “Find what works best for you”

Best wishes and be your own best self.