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Our Story


Connecting Black Healthcare Professionals to communities of color and beyond through our free healthcare app Melanin Medical Specialties. Melanin Medical Specialties is the number 1 app in the nation to connect mentees and mentors while answering STEM and career questions.

We Exist. At some point in our career, many of us will be asked at least one of these questions.

  1. Are you a doctor?
  2. I didn’t know there was a black doctor/dentist in this field.
  3. I wish my children would meet you.
  4. Where do you practice?
  5. Finally, someone that looks like me.
  6. How long did it take you?

This space is dedicated to answering those questions and saying an emphatic, Yes, We Exist. Zebraltermedical seeks to

  1. Empower our youth to see that, Yes, it is possible. Science is an option.
  2. Anyone who is seeking a black health care provider can find one.


  • Make our app “Melanin Medical Specialties the premier app for finding Black Healthcare Professionals in the nation.
  • Create increased awareness of Science as a career option in underrepresented minorities
  • Have a YouTube channel with all specialties in Healthcare represented by underrepresented minorities
  • Bring STEM careers to Elementary schools to High Schools across the nation
  • Support college students pursuing degrees in STEM with scholarships
  • Bridge the STEM gap
  • Decrease and ultimately eliminate healthcare disparities in communities of color

We Exist.

Others have gone ahead of you and you too can do it.

  • We want to put faces to those careers, and encourage our children that regardless of background, science is an option, and they can do it.
  • How will they know if they have not seen?
  • How will they know if they have not heard?
  • Not every black child has a physician or dentist in their family. Not every black child knows it is possible. Too often, most, do not know it “IS” possible.
  • The burning question is, does it stop with a few of us? Can we, though separate, come together to provide a strong voice? To be the voice of change in this generation?
  • The answer is Yes, We most definitely can.
  • We can be a strong voice, that can shine a light on the present generation and generations to come, that “We can, You can, We all can”.
  • We encourage you, be a part of this movement, don’t delay, shine a light
  • Spread the word. We Exist. Science is an Option.

Ready to make a difference?

It starts with us. Partner with Zebralter Medical, A 501c3 Non profit Organization and leave a tax deductible donation. Thank you in advance for your support


Overcoming the inequalities and barriers to a career in Medicine or Dentistry for black youth. Different statistics reveal that blacks are poorly represented in these fields.

    Data USA, 2016
  • - Percentage of White Physician and Surgeon: 68.2%
  • - Percentage of Asian Physician and Surgeon: 23%
  • - Percentage of Black Physician and Surgeon: 6%
    AAMC News: February 21st, 2017
  • - Percentage of black female graduates from medical school increased while it decreased for male graduates.
  • - Gender gap of Black African American graduates from Medical School is 31%
    HHS Public Access: June 19th, 2017
  • - “The underrepresentation for Black dentists is extraordinary.”
  • - Blacks make up 13.6% of the U.S population but only 3.3% of US dentists.
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Find a Doctor

Linking black physicians and dentists to patients. Making it easier by having a database with black physicians and dentists in the United States.

Providers of direct patient care and other areas of medicine to improve health for all.

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Our Story

Created for children who are contemplating careers in science and unsure that it is possible.

A website of black dentists and physicians from all parts of the United States, will shine a light that, Yes it is possible.

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Donations and Sponsors

We thank you for your generous tax deductible donation as we work together to bridge the STEM gap and improve health outcomes.

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Schools and Community Groups

Zebraltermedical works in partnership with schools, by providing Science Awards and Scholarship Programs.