Building community,
one child at a time.

By melanin for all.

Doors Unlocked by Melanin

We need each other.

Even as great strides are made, there is still much work to be done. We need to shine a light, on an area too easily forgotten,
STEM Black scientists make up less than 7% of Scientists in our nation. The journey of a hundred miles begins with a single step.
Partner with us, as we come alongside this generation of children and those unborn.

To spread the word, “yes” science is an option. In a world where technology is a huge determinant of our present and future, Careers in STEM, make us equal participants in our future.
If our children can learn lyrics, they can learn science.

Ready to make a difference? It starts with us. #Weexist #Zebraltermedical #Scienceisanoption

Linking black physicians and dentists to patients. Making it easier by having a database with black physicians and dentists in the United States. Providers of direct patient care and other areas of medicine to improve health for all.

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Created for children who are contemplating careers in science and unsure that it is possible. A website with images of black dentists and physicians from all parts of the United States, that our children can see, will shine a light that, Yes it is possible.

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Zebralter Medical is a 501c3 Nonprofit organization. Thank you in advance as you leave a tax deductible donation that helps us provide resources to encourage and empower our community to pursue careers in STEM.
Let’s put a face to Black Scientists, and get the word out. Representation matters
The need is urgent and together we can make a lasting difference.

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Zebraltermedical works in partnership with schools, providing Science awards and Scholarships to minority students in the field of Science. Fostering pride and accomplishment, with a keen awareness of the need to pay it forward.

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Outreach Programs

Partnership with Black Alumni Network of University of Illinois Urbana Champaign:

  • Providing awards to minority students in Science.
  • Partnering with local schools to discuss careers in STEM.
  • Creating Educational videos on Youtube with Black Scientists sharing their careers.
  • Rate Limiting Step Scholarship to minority students applying to medical school.

It starts with us. Be part of our community outreach program. Let’s make a difference today.

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