RLS Scholarship
Rate Limiting Step Scholarship
This scholarship speaks to the heart of Zebralter Medical.
Our goal is to increase diversity and representation in the field of Medicine and STEM
One of the largest Rate limiting Steps in Medicine for communities of color is money.
This scholarship aims to relieve some of that.
10 applicants will be chosen for $300 scholarship to minority students applying to Medical School
Total award is $3000 annually
GPA: 3.5
MCAT Score 505
200 word Essay, why you should get the award and what it would mean to you.
Apply between March 1st and April 30th
Winners announced on May 15th
Send essay to [email protected] with title RLS Scholarship
10 recipients will be chosen
The winners will have their picture or video and essay used by Zebralter Medical on their platform. Please note, it is a criteria for winning.
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BAN/Zebralter Medical Award
Zebralter Medical has partnered with Black Alumni Network of University of Illinois Urbana Champaign since 2020.
This award aligns with the values of Zebralter Medical to foster science in communities of color
Students who have worked hard academically and within the community, apply for the award and go through a vigorous process of vetting by Black Alumni Network.
Watch the YouTube video: BAN/Zebralter Medical Award for 2020
Watch the YouTube video: 2022:BAN/ZEBRALTER MEDICAL AWARD @ZebralterMedical
Watch the YouTube video: 2023 BAN/Zebralter Medical Award

2021 BAN/Zebralter Medical Award Recipient
Kyle Semper: Clinical Community Psychology Major
Samaria Harris: Kinesiology Major

2022 BAN/Zebralter Medical Award Recipients
Daija Macdonald: Community Health
Ethan Thuo: Political Science
Jarvis Williams: Engr Tec & Mgmt for Agricultural Systems
Keyana Diaz: Psychology
Khaliyah Williams: Integrative Biology

2023 BAN/Zebralter Medical Award Recipient
Nevin Adams: Kinesiology
Nia Adeogun: Kinesiolgy Major Chemistry Minor
Tweende Sinemanni: Molecular and Cellular Biology major
Cedric Holmes: Accounting Major
Sidney Opara-Justin: Premed

Medical Trivia
Medical Jeopardy

Melanin Medical Specialties
This YouTube playlist is dedicated to specialties in Medicine by black doctors
We believe that what you see, you can aspire to.

Videos to watch

The value of representation: A conversation by Caylon Pettis and D’Monte Tiarre Sinque Farley
For black men and women going into medical school or any space where you are the unexpected, this is a conversation worth watching.
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Successful Interview: By Ndidi Ojiako
Ever wondered if you could have upped the game at your interview? The skills learned here will help you navigate your next interview better.

Mountain Moving Faith: Dr Simi Akintorin
What happens when the odds are stacked against you? Heavily stacked against you?
This is a true life story of faith, staying the course and the impact of words spoken.
For anyone who’s been written off. This is a must watch.

Advanced Directives and Wills: What you need to know, Somber but relevant.

Resources: Minorities in Medicine – Students Residents – AAMC
Summer Health Professions:
Offer free summer enrichment program
Action Collaborative for Black Men in Medicine
Fee Assistance Program
Find Medical or Health Care Career Fairs online
Are you in Chicago? Check out an organization that seeks to bridge the gap in health care. An annual health fair, more information on there website
Mentors matter.
Check out
On Facebook? Check out YBAD: Young Black American Doctor

Medical School Scholarship Programs
African American Grants
American Medical Association.
Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
The United Negro College Fund.
Dr. Marie Zakrzewski Medical Grant.
AAHD Frederick Krause Scholarship.
Zebralter Medical Rate Limiting Step Scholarship

Navigating Medical School Application
When to start? The entire cycle takes a year.
Planning for 2022, Start January of 2021
January to March: Prepare for MCAT
May to June: Start working on primary application
Submissions start from late May.
Be sure to order official transcript from College or University
Confirm deadline for schools.
Send letter of recommendations
Review your applications and email for completeness, follow up on any incomplete
July to August: Secondary applications are school specific
September to March: Interview season
Send letters of intent
By April, Notify AMCAS of your decision
Key point: Start early to apply