Dr. Zahrain St. Jean, MD

Dr Zahrain St. Jean MD
Biology/Pre-Med: Xavier University of Louisiana
Medical School at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine.
Residency: Loyola University-Provident Hospital of Cook County Family Medicine

Zahrain’s Study Tip.
How do you learn best? Is it writing, reading, listening or verbalizing?
Remember that when you register information in different ways it helps embed in your memory.
Some of the practices that have worked for me include,
Writing summary pages of materials with drawings for regular review prior to an exam.
I also exchange study guides with study partners. I also write my own study questions with answers on the back of an index card and practice answering them after I understand the concept.
Have study groups where designated topics are assigned to individuals and explain it to each other, that way you hear the concept different ways. Maintain a positive attitude.

Best wishes and be your own best self!