Dr. Kizito C. Ojiako, MD, FWACS, FRCS (Eng) FCCP

Dr Kizito C. Ojiako M.D, FWACS, FRCS (Eng) FCCP
Medical Director, Critical Care Unit, Amita Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center.
Internal Medicine Residency at Amita Saint Joseph Hospital, Chicago, IL
Critical Care Fellowship, Cooper University Hospital, Camden, NJ

A story by Kizito Ojiako M.D
“Extreme Hard Work”
The road has not always been easy, but I determined that regardless of circumstances I would work hard.
I remember arriving in England and not been able to practice immediately until I took the medical board exams. I worked in different ways to support myself.
Eventually, I made enough money to take my exams, pass and start my career.
My advice is do what it takes in a legitimate manner to achieve your dreams.
Never underestimate the power of hard work.

Best wishes and be your own best self!