Dr. Inyang Isong Wassen MD, MPH


Dr. Inyang Isong Wassen MD, MPH
Medical School: University of Calabar, College of Medical Sciences.
Residency: Cook County Hospital, Pediatrics.
Masters in Public Health: University of North Carolina.
Doctorate in Social and Behavioral Sciences: Harvard School of Public Health.
Current Practice: Boston, MA

Inyang’s Study Tip.
I have always found it helpful to first digest what I learn in class on my own.
Then, it is incredibly important to find a group of study partners that I can process information with.
We bounce ideas off each other and hear different perspectives and interpretation of the material.
This helps solidify the concepts in my mind, it sticks and helps ensure my understanding is not off-base.
It’s wise to hunt in packs!!

Best wishes and be your own best self!