Ike Achebe

Rush Medical College, Fourth-Year Medical Student

Ike Achebe
DePaul University: Molecular Biology
Rush Medical College, Fourth-Year Medical Student.

Study Tip.
Part of medical education is learning new material.
An even bigger part, is learning how to apply that material during real and simulated situations.
A proven way to do both effectively, is through the use of question bank software.
In addition to learning the testing platform used on exams, it breaks down questions and answer explanations.
Getting an answer right or wrong holds little value if the reasoning behind your choice is incorrect.
Personally, I will often pull out my phone voice recorder and teach myself things I had just learned while still fresh in my mind.
During long commutes, I listen to these recordings. They serve as a great refresher of things I have learned prior and great use of idle time.
At every level of education, practicing the application of knowledge is crucial.
Doing so early and often will indeed challenge your resiliency.
If you remain steadfast, I can assure you the rewards are plentiful.

Best wishes and be your own best self!