Dr Steve Chukwulebe. MD

Department of Emergency Medicine

Dr Steve Chukwulebe. MD
Resident (PGY 4)
Department of Emergency Medicine.
McGaw Medical Center/Northwestern
Medical School: Perelman School of Medicine-University of Pennsylvania.

Steve’s Study Tip.
Post undergraduate medical education will challenge you to focus and improve the way and manner by which you learn.
While it is helpful to concentrate your effort on doing tens of thousands of questions to increase your MCAT, USMLE or board score, to truly know the material at hand, you must learn the best way by which you retain information.
People are a mix of visual, auditory or kinesthetic learners.
As a visual and hands on learner, I found that I retain information best when I applied the study material to real world applications and not by passively listening to lectures.
ABG’s and Winter’s formula makes so much more sense when you help adjust the vent settings and work through the numbers in  your head.
First, determine what type of learner you are.
Look to your friends, classmates, teachers and online resources to help optimize that method of learning for you.
Finally, if you are really struggling, talk to the folks in your admissions office.
They are always there to help you and want you to succeed and graduate.

Best wishes and be your own best self!