Dr. Patricia Era Bath, MD

Inventor of Laserphaco Probe

Dr Patricia Era Bath. M.D
Bachelor’s Degree Hunter College.
Medical School: Howard University.
Inventor of Laserphaco Probe for cataract treatment in 1986.
First African American to complete residency in Ophthalmology.
First African American doctor to receive a medical patent.
First female member of Jules Stein Eye Institute.
First female leader of a post-graduate training program in ophthalmology.
First elected female honorary staff of UCLA.


“Eyesight is a basic human right”


Study Tip by Zebraltermedical.
Quality Education is a basic human right.
For parents, take time to teach children.
If we are unable due to difficult circumstances, seek those that can help you.
At an early age, determine how your child learns best and cultivate that area.
If we bring children into the world, we must try our best to expose them to quality education.
You are your child’s first teachers.

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