Dr Lola Odusanya. MD


Dr Lola Odusanya. MD
Pediatrics Residency: University of Illinois Chicago
Global safety Lead/Medical
Pharmacovigilance Physician at Orbis Clinical.

Lola’s Study Tip.
Know your learning Style.
Some learn by reading, some by writing or making notes and some by listening.
I learn by listening so I record my notes or record myself reading the textbook aloud and playing it over and over again in the background.
Take breaks.
We have all done the crazy crash/all-nighters but the brain needs time to rest or else the neuronal pathways may not form properly.
Little drops of water.
Read in small chunks, and read often. Our lives are very busy so it is helpful to break the large chunks of reading into smaller chunks the first time around.
This makes the task not seem as gigantic and cause less anxiety. Revision can be done in a larger chunk but at that time the material is no longer new.
Vary your location.
It doesn’t have to be in a dreary study hall. Reading under a tree or in another nice environment helps especially on a day that you are in no mood to study.
Rhymes and mnemonics help with the memorization of complex topics. We all know the words to our favorite Hip-hop songs so the same can be applied to our studies.
We are all in this together
Study with friends. Apart from study tips and extra help, you will have time for laughter.
Memories are stronger when linked to pleasurable experiences.

Best wishes and be your own best self!