Dr LaMenta “Sweetie” Conway. MD, MPH

Founder and Executive Director, I AM ABEL Foundation,

Dr LaMenta “Sweetie” Conway. MD, MPH
Rush Medical College of Rush University Medical Center.
Recipient of David Jones Peck Award.
University of Illinois School of Public Health
Residency: University of Illinois. College of Medicine
Founder and Executive Director, I AM ABEL Foundation,


Quotes by Dr Conway.  

“You really need to ‘see it to be’.”
“Never walk through a door without leaving a wedge so that others may follow.”


Sweetie’s Study Tip.

When studying for major standardized tests, I have discovered that while it is important to know the content,  it is equally important to begin to understand how questions are asked.
I liken it to biofeedback technology.
High performance training often uses this technology to train astronauts and other highly skilled persons. It also works in real life.
Do you remember how you first learned to ride a bike?
Truth be told, no one remembers what specific adjustments they made to get those two wheels to stay upright.
What we do remember is through countless hours of trying the same thing over and over with falls in between, we finally got it right.
Our brain made mental adjustments that told our legs just what to do before we could even consciously think about it.
Next thing we know, we corrected our errors and the rest is history.
Based on this, I specifically encourage students, especially those preparing for ACT, SAT or MCAT to plan to cover at least 5000 questions.
For some people it might take several months, for others one year.
I suggest students determine how much time they can realistically devote to a topic over a week.
Spend an hour doing a batch of questions, read it in its entirety, read the explanation completely before moving on to the next.
If you complete 15 questions in an hour, multiply it by how many hours you have a week, that gives you a clear idea of how long it will take you to complete your allotted amount of questions.
When closer to the exam, your study intensity and duration has to be increased to take advantage of your short term memory as well.
Repetition is essential. Review questions you missed and areas you are weakest in.

Best wishes and be your own best self!