Dr. Kingsley Onyemere, MD, MPH

Dr Kingsley Onyemere. MD, MPH
Residency: Internal Medicine, St Joseph Hospital, Chicago.
Fellowship: Metabolism and Nutrition, University of Michigan. Ann Arbor.
Current: Carle Health System. Urbana, Illinois.

Kingsley’s Study Tip.

In studying, make a conscious effort to avoid reading speedily through the text.
The goal is to interact with the concepts you come across in the text, asking questions like,
Why? How? What if? as you read along.
It helps to make notes on the textbook or article (If appropriate).
Those notes serve as landmarks and make it easier to recall concepts in crunch time.
Trust yourself and your instincts.
If you have made it this far, It means you are well-deserving of your current achievements.

Best wishes and be your own best self!