Dr. Kasiemobi Pulliam, MD

Surgical Resident

Dr Kasiemobi Pulliam. MD
Purdue University: Undergraduate Degree: Chemistry.
Indiana University: Medical School
Current: University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine. Surgical Resident.


Kamsi’s Study Tip.

“Pace Yourself”

It is very difficult to cram at the last minute for exams.
I have found that starting early on by putting together a rubric works for me.
I generate a study guide for all the content.
That way the material is in terms that I understand when it’s time to study for each exam.
Study Groups.
This can be hit or miss depending on the individual.
It is important to establish early on whether group or individual studying works best for you.
Also remember that for some classes study groups may work and for others not necessarily so.


Best wishes and be your own best self!!