Dr. Christopher Okunseri, MD

Dr. Christopher Okunseri
Professor (Tenured) and Director
Diplomate, American Board of Dental Public Health

Chris’s Study Tip.
As a student, my study habits were quite basic and traditional. I preferred to study in a quiet environment because it kept me focused on the materials in front of me.

One key habit that I strongly believe helped me throughout my education was that every day after school, I would review all the materials covered during the day. That way, I was reviewing things while the information was still fresh in my mind. This allowed me address whatever challenges I had and to seek help if necessary, from my professor.

I would also create additional notes beyond the notes I took during class. This allowed me internalize the information, to own it and know it well. Waiting until the last minute to prepare for a test usually results in mediocre work, panic attacks and sets the tone for a poor work ethic in the future.

As a student, I preferred to read during the day and never after 12 midnight. I also liked to study in the early hours of the day (5-8am) because at that time, I was more likely to have maximum levels of concentration and the ability to remember and understand more of the information.

Finally, my determination, consistency and focus when doing my work. I try never to accept that anything is beyond my capabilities.

Best wishes and be your own best self!