Adrienne R Kambouris

Adrienne R Kambouris.
U.S. Army: Georgia Regents University, B.S. Science
Augusta University: Honors in Cell and Molecular Biology and Chemistry.
Mentor: Middle School, Baltimore.
University of Maryland School of Medicine. MD/PhD Student.

Adrienne’s Study Tip.
Understand your style.
Lecturers all teach the same way: Verbal.
Explanation with visual supports such as PowerPoint slides.
Maybe that’s not your best way to receive information.
I am a visual learner.
The first thing I do when I study a lecture is make a graphic outline of what is covered, similar to a mind map.
I also draw pictures and insert images within the lecture for clarification on topics discussed.
Once I have everything in a format that I understand, then I memorize.
My advice is: Figure out what learning is best for you.

Best wishes and be your own best self!